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Emails I Can’t Send

Capo: none
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IntroA.......VerseIt's Dtimes like these
Wish I had a F#time machine, sBmo
I could see what you did ODctober 13th
AtG 10:15, were you rF#meally asleep?
Were yoEu lying to me and the fAamily?
ChorusThere's noD "us" in us when I'mF# lacking trust
YoBmu wanna discuss, ugh
Am You disgust me
GDon't make me cuss you out
F#mWhy'd you let me down?
E Don't say sorry nAowBridgeAnd thDanks to you F#I, I can't love right
Bm I get nice guys andD villainize them
G Read their texts like they'rF#me having *** right nowE
Scared I'll find outA that it's true
AndD if I do, thenF# I blame you foBmr
Every worst thaAt I assume
When I'mD forty-five, someone F#calls me their wife
Bm And he ***** our lives in oAmne selfish night
Don't think I'lGl find forgivenessF#m as fast as mom didE
And, God, I love you, but you're suAch a dipshit
GmPlease, ******* fix this
Outro'Cause you wDere all I looked up Bmto
Now I cGman't even look at yDou..Bm.....A....G....A....D.

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