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The Parting Glass

Capo: none
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Verse 1Of Emall the mConey that eG'er I hD/F#ad
EmI spent Cit in goGod compaD/F#ny
And Emall the hCarm that e'Ger I've D/F#done
AEmlas it wCas to none but Gme
And aGll IC've dGone for want oCf wGit
To mEmem'ry D/F#now I caGn't recDall
So Emfill to mCe the pGarting glDass
EmGood night and jCoy be to you aGllVerse 2Of aEmll the coCmrades that eG'er I D/F#had
ThEmey're sorry foCr my goGing aD/F#way
EmAnd all the swCeethearts that eG'er ID/F# had
They wEmould wish me oCne more day to Gstay
Verse 3But siGnce Cit faGlls unto mCy lGot
That EmI should D/F#rise anGd you should noDt
I'll Emgently riCse and I'll sGoftly calDl
GoEmod night and jCoy be to you aGllVerse 4A mEman may drCink and noGt be druDnk
A mEman may fiCght and nGot be slaDin
A Emman may coCurt a prGetty giDrl
And perEmhaps b? weClcomed back agGain
But siGnce iCt hGas as ought tCo bG?
By a tEmime to riD/F#se and a tGime to faDll
Come fEmill to me Cthe partGing glDass
Good nEmight and jCoy be with you aGll.D/F#...
Good nEmight and jCoy be with you aGll

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