Bad Child

[Verse 1] Em My family always said I was the bad child C Throwing me away into the bad pile D All my life been putting on a fake smile Bm Sitting on

How To Be Lonely

[Intro] G – G – [Verse 1] G He told me that he love me more than most G That he could be the one to take me home Em Be the everything

U Know It’s Real

Capo None Dsus2 xx0230 Gmaj7 3×0032 F#m/B x24222 Bm7 x24232 E 022100 *Don’t be afraid of the chords, this is a relatively easy and fun song to play on guitar. the “guitar riff”

Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay

[Intro] G – D/F# – Em – Dmaj7 – G – D/F# – Em – Dmaj7 – [Verse 1] G D/F# Kaya namang makayanan Em Dmaj7 Kahit pa na nahihirapan G D/F# Kahit

Not Ur Friend

Capo – 2nd Fret G 320033 D xx0232 Asus4 x02230 A x02220 Em 022000 F#m 244222 [Verse 1] G D A Yeah, tomorrow is your birthday Em F#m G I thought it was

Modern Loneliness

Capo – 1st Fret G 320033 D xx0232 Em 022000 C x32010 Am x02210 [Intro] G D Em D – G D Em D – [Verse 1] G D Em I’ve been thinkin’

After Hours

Capo – 1st Fret Bm x24432 F#m 244222 Em 022000 G 320033 A x02220 [Verse 1] Bm F#m Em Thought I almost died in my dream again (Baby, almost died) Bm Bm F#m


Capo None Am x02210 B7 x21200 or 2x120x G 320033 Em 022000 [Intro x1] Em B7 G Am e|—————————————————| B|——-0————0————0—————–| G|—–0—0——–2—2——–0—0—————| D|—2——-2—-1——-1—-0——-0————-| A|—————————————3-2-0—0—| E|-0————2————3—————–3—–| [Fill] (Between Am Chords In Verse) Am e|————-| B|————-|


Capo None Em 022000 C x32010 Bm x24432 G 320033 [Verse 1] Em Em I’m another year older Bm C I won’t cry about you anymore Em Em Told my friends to come


Capo – 1st Fret Am x02210 C x32010 Dm xx0231 [Chorus] Am C Dm Am Am C Dm Am You know I— still believe, still believe in you– and me Am C Dm