Olivia Rodrigo easy guitar chords and tabs with strumming patterns

Hope Ur Ok

Capo: none
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IntroC......Am......G...C....Am..Verse 1C I knew a boy once, when I was sAmmall
A tow-head blond, with eyes of sCalt
He played the drum in the marching Amband
C His parents cared more about the BAmible
Than being good to their own Cchild
He wore long sleeves 'cause of his dAmad
ChorusAnd sFomehow, we fell out of Amtouch
Hope he Ftook his bad deal and made a royal flAmush
Don't kFnow if I'll see you again someAmday
But if you're oGut there.....G7..
I hope that you're oCkayInterludeAm.......C......Am..
Verse 2C My middle school friend grew up alAmone
She raised her brothers on her owCn
Her parents hated who she lAmoved
C She couldn't wait to go to cAmollege
She was tired 'cause she was brCought
Into a world where famiAmly was merely bloodChorusDoes she Fknow how proud I am she was creAmated
With the coFurage to unlearn all of their hAmatred
We don'Ft talk much but I just gotta sAmay
"I Gmiss you......G7..
and I hope that you're oCkay"BridgeAddress the lettersAm,
to the holes in my butterfly wingsC
Nothing's foreverAm,
nothing is as good as it seemDms
And when the clouds are ironed Fout
And the monsters creep into your hoCuse
And every door is hard to clGoseChorusWell I hope you Fknow how proud I am you were creAmated
With the coFurage to unlearn all of their hAmatred
Oh god, IF hope that you're happier toAmday
"Cause I lGove you.......G7..
and I hope that you're oCkay"..Am.....C....Am..

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