Old Crow Medicine Show – John Brown’s Dream Chords

  • Artist: Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Song: John Brown's Dream
  • Album: Paint This Town
  • Release Date: 2022-04-22
  • Genre: indie folk, modern old-time, new americana, old-time, progressive bluegrass, stomp and holler
  • Key: D Major
  • Tempo: 97
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Mode: Major Scale
  • Recommended Tuning: EADGBe (Guitar)
  • Recommended Tuning: GCEA (Ukulele)

When did Old Crow Medicine Show release John Brown's Dream?

John Brown's Dream was released on 2022-04-22

Capo: none

Strumming Pattern: D = Down, U = Up, - = pause
Strumming Pattern #1 - D D U D U D
Strumming Pattern #2 - D D D D D D D
Strumming Pattern #3 - D U D D - D U

IntroAm......Verse 1On the sAmecond of December we'll always remember
As the day John Brown went marching in
Well, they took him from his cell with a .44 cal
Now he's gone for the gallows to hang
When JAmohn Brown walked by on his way to die
Conviction tortured him
He said man is depraved
And there ain't no slave can dwell here in Beulah land
AmTwelve fifes and drums and twenty one guns
As they marched him to the hanging ground
Then John started laughing staring up at the coffin
Said no grave can hold this body down
Mister GAmovernor Wise won't you read from his crimes
While they wrap that rope 'round his neck
And old Mr. Avis, I want you to turn them pages
And read what the good book said
Then JAmohn Brown spoke with a neck full of rope
This blood I shed for thee
For the sin of this land can never repent
Until every slave goes free
AmJohn Brown's dream
AmJohn Brown's dream
AmJohn Brown's dream was the devil is dead

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