Noah Gundersen strumming pattern and tabs for ukulele and piano

Laurel and Hardy

Capo None

A x02220
F#m 244222
D xx0232
E 022100
Bm x24432

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[Verse 1] 
                     A                            F#m  
I thought you were joking when you asked for that kiss
            D                          E
I never expected it would end up like this
                F#m              D 
My bulletproof baby, identical twins
            Bm     E             A
Laurel and Hardy, pineapple and gin

[Verse 2]
               A                  F#m
I made you a prison inside of my heart
       D                       E     
I fed you confessions between the bars
                F#m                     D  
The keys to my kingdom for an hour of yours
                Bm     E               A 
The moon to my ocean, the tide to my shore
                 D                                E
If you had been listening, maybe you would have heard
                F#m    E                 D 
The sound of my heart, like a panicking bird
              Bm                       E  
Beats at the window and bloodies its wings
              F#m   E             D 
My favorite poison, my honeybee sting

[Verse 3]
               A                    F#m
I took up the mantle of unshakable faith
                  D                    E
On the road to Damascus, I fell to my face
             F#m                     D  
A volunteer martyr burned for your sake
         Bm     E                     A
I was a beggar, your love was small change

[Verse 4]
                     A                    F#m
Now there are no conditions, no treaty to sign
                D                       E   
No terms of surrender, no changing our minds
                F#m                         D
The last time I saw you, you were turning away
                Bm      E              A   
And I lost my ambition to beg you to stay
                D                              E  
Every old song told me, "True love makes you blind"
               F#m      E                  D    
But I wasn't listening as I gouged out my eyes
                  Bm                           E 
And stumbling in darkness, I reached for your hand
                            F#m    E          D  
But you slipped through my fingers like hourglass sand
              Bm                 E  
My favorite poison, my honeybee sting
                F#m    E   D
My unanswered question.......

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