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Em......Bm......A.....G.Verse 1Em..We don't even speak no more
Bm..We don't even spAeak no more.G.
Em..I just wanna know how you're doin'
Bm..I just wanna kAnow how you are.G.
BmDo you stAill love mGe?
BmWhy'd you cAome and lGeave?ChorusEm..When I say, "I lBmove ya," please know I Gdo
When I say, "I love ya," just know it's Emtrue
When I say, "I lBmove ya," plAease know I Gdo
When I say, "I love ya," just know it's Emtrue.Bm.....A.
Em(Ah, ooBmh)
A(Ooh, Gooh)Verse 2Em..JamiBme
The bGest thing that's happened to me
Em..At least that's what I tBmhink..A.
Gon' Glet it go, gon' let it goInstrumentalEm......Bm.....A....G.
Em......Bm.....A....G.OutroIt's just like that same thing, like
You know, you can love someone so much that
It's to the point of like destroying your own self
Like, you're so selfless and you're so—
Like, you care for them so much that you realize you're being a detriment to your own self
And it's like, is this healthy?
Is it healthy to like, love this much?

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