lorde easy guitar chords and tabs with strumming pattern

The Man With The Axe

Capo None

A x02220
E 022100
G#m 466444
C#m x46654
B x24442
F# 244322

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[Verse 1]
A                    E
If I had to break it down
          G#m         A
I'd say it's the way you love to dance
Am               E                     C#m
Movin' the furniture when my back is turned
The flick of the lights and the world falls away

             A               E
And your office job and your silver hair
         G#m                    A                         Am         E
But our shapes in the dark are the reason I've stayed for all these years

C#m   B

[Verse 2]
    A                E                G#m
I thought I was a genius, but now I'm twenty-two
     A                 Am                        E      
And it's startin' to feel like all I know how to do is
                   C#m          B
Put on a suit and take it away....

          A                           E
With my fist full of tunes that it's painful to play
   G#m                 A
Fingernail worlds like favorite seashells
 Am               E                    C#m    B
They fill up my nights and then they float away

[Verse 3]
          A                          E
I've got hundreds of gowns, I've got paintings in frames
         G#m                         A 
And a throat that fills with panic every festival day
Am                  E                       C#m     B
Dutifully fallin' apart for the Princess of Norway....

     A              E                 G#m      A 
But you, with your tall slashes, your infinite t-shirts
Am                           E                      Cm         
I should've known when your favorite record was the same as my father's
You'd take me down
[Verse 4]
   A                         E
I guess I'll always be this way
               G#m              A
Swallowed up by the words, and halfway to space
Am                E                      C#m
But there, by the fire, you offered your hand
And as I took it, I loved you, the boy with the plan

F#             B        F#   B 
You found me clean as a pine...
    F#            B          D E         F#   B  F#  B          
The man with the axe and the look in his eyes..........
   F#                        B
We've been through so many hard times
               F#                B 
I'm writin' a love song for you, baby

F#  B  F#

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