Artist Placholder
Capo: none
scroll Autoscroll 0 1 2 can hardly fit them Bmdenims
back pockets gone bust open if you put something in thEmem
older women see that body and that **** ofBmfend them
ice in my veins, but you just added some vEmenom
what's the point of slowing down? we got moBmmentum
you had a man that had a plan
but he aingt have it Emin him
my homie said he ***** with your big sis
i'm tryna tBmwin them
the opps want an olive branch
but we don't exEmtend them
now we aingt got **** to Bmgive them, okay
i found my rhythm
they be like, "jack go Emget them," okay
i'm about to get them
my haters keep on tBmalking
but these lyrics gone outlive them
i need mEmtv cribs back
gotta bring them to my Bmcity just to show them how i'm living
and you the type of gEmirl i wanna bring to thanksgiving
but that's a Bmgiven, that's a given.Em.....Bm.....Em.....C.

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