Naturale (ericdoa)

Capo None

A x02220
B x24442
C#m x46654
E 022100

The last part of verse 1 does not even have a tone, it is just a pure beat and you can palm mute while strumming it to imitate the beat.

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[Verse 1]
       A                 B                               C#m
Like Joelle, I know one day that we'll have to give 'em hell
         E                         A
But for now, I gotta **** it up myself
          B                          C#m           E
When you told me every person has a tale, I do as well
              A                         B
Oh, I miss my old friends, I hope they see me doing better
        C#m                   E 
Wish I told them when I was feeling sentimental
        A                    B
Never folded 'cause all the shit we had was special
           C#m                           E
Might just be coincidental, but you're ******* up my mental

Used to have time on my hands, now I need time in advance

'Cause I've been blowing through bands and I've been ******' up plans

'Cause I've been on one, baby, and I know that you gon' tell your friends
I'm on some lately, but I know, that you were always the one

[Verse 2]
And I was always the last...
                         E                      A
Yeah, I get turned to a memory and left in the past
                       B                       C#m
You look at me as the enemy, just for me to react..
I finally think this the end of me and I'll never come back
A                    B
Burn like a molotov, I think we should call it off
C#m                             E
Don't think we should carry on, guess I'm happy that you're gone

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