Gavin James – Jealous Chords

  • Artist: Gavin James
  • Song: Jealous
  • Album: The Sweetest Part
  • Release Date: 2022-07-22
  • Genre: irish pop
  • Key: G Major
  • Tempo: 136
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Mode: Major Scale
  • Recommended Tuning: EADGBe (Guitar)
  • Recommended Tuning: GCEA (Ukulele)

When did Gavin James release Jealous?

Jealous was released on 2022-07-22

Capo: none

Strumming Pattern: D = Down, U = Up, - = pause
Strumming Pattern #1 - D D U D U D
Strumming Pattern #2 - D D D D D D D
Strumming Pattern #3 - D U D D - D U

IntroEm.....C....G....Bm..VerseTell me Emwas I somebody spCecial?
Or someone to tGalk to?
I thought I kBmnew you
Tell me hEmow you, you could be sCo cold
And make it look eGasy?
But what do BmI know?

Pre-Chorus'Cause the mEmore I bend, the more I break
The lCess I try, the more I think abGout you
aBmbout youChorusCould you sEmhow me how it fCeels to let me gGo?..Bm..
'Cause it doEmesn't seem to wCear you down at aGll..D.
EmOh, and I'm jealoCus, I'm jealGous.Bm...
EmOh, I'm jealCous, I'm jeaGlous
And I nBmeed to know
InterludeEm.....C....G....Bm..VerseThought I'd tEmell you that living witChout you
Feels like running on eGmpty
Gonna crBmash soon
Guess I'm jEmealous of how you look haCppy
Well, my heart is hGeavy
Lost in the mBmemoriesPre-Chorus'Cause the mEmore I give, the less I take
How coCuld you give the world away? So reGckless
I hBmate thisChorusCould you sEmhow me how it feCels to let me gGo?..Bm..
'Cause it dEmoesn't seem to wCear you down at aGll..D.
EmOh, and I'm jealoCus, I'm jealoGus..Bm..
EmOh, I'm jealoCus, I'm jealoGusPost-ChorusAnd I Bmneed to kEmnow..C....G..
I nBmeed to kEmnow
OCoh..G....Bm..BridgeAm..It feels like and iCt feels lEmike
All the wDalls are caving Amin
Yeah, you're alrigCht
Oh, you're alriEmght
Is it evDen sinking Amin?
Yeah, I'm jealoCus, so jealEmous
Are you evDen listeniCng?ChorusCould you sEmhow me how it feCels to let me gGo?..Bm...
'Cause it doEmesn't seem to wCear you down at aGll,.D.
EmOh, and I'm jealCous, I'm jealGous.Bm....
EmOh, I'm jeDaloCus, I'm jealoGus
And I nBmeed to knCow

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