Garbage – Empty Chords

  • Artist: Garbage
  • Song: Empty
  • Album: Strange Little Birds
  • Release Date: 2016-06-03
  • Genre: alternative rock, dance rock, electronic rock, permanent wave
  • Key: D Major
  • Tempo: 109
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Mode: Major Scale
  • Recommended Tuning: EADGBe (Guitar)
  • Recommended Tuning: GCEA (Ukulele)

When did Garbage release Empty?

Empty was released on 2016-06-03

Capo: none

Strumming Pattern: D = Down, U = Up, - = pause
Strumming Pattern #1 - D D U D U D
Strumming Pattern #2 - D D D D D D D
Strumming Pattern #3 - D U D D - D U

Verse 1GI've been feeling so frustrated
DI'll never be as great as
EmI want to be
CEveryone that I run into
GThe ones you always Dseem so into
EmWhat's wrong with Cme?
GThey all seem to know exactly
DWhat it is they want, they pass me
EmThey smile as they go
CSo I work at staying patient
GGood things come to Dthose that wait
EmOr so they CsayChorusGI'm so empty
DYou're all I'm thinking about, about
EmOh oh, about, about
COh oh oh, about, about
Oh oh oh, about, about

Verse 2GI get tired of trying
DIdeas die on the vine
EmAnd I feel like a fake
CI lie awake believing
GThat somehow I keep failing
DI rail and I ache
EmAt the monsters and the demons
CI've wrestled with for eons
And I want to destroyChorusGI'm so empty
DYou're all I talk about
EmOh oh-out
CYou're all I talk about
BridgeGEvery day, every hour of the night
DYou're all I think about
EmEvery day, every hour of the night
CYou're all I dream about
GEvery day, every hour of the night
DYou're all I think about
EmYou're all I think aCboutChorusGI'm so empty
DI'm so empty
EmI'm so empty
CYou're all I'm thinking about
GAbout, about, oh oh oh, aDbout
EmI'm so empCty

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