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I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 9 years old, been teaching it for part-time since I was in highschool, today, I am a professional guitar coach who teaches over 40 students (not counting my relatives).

Through my years of playing and loving this instrument, I’ve discovered a number of ways to make it easier for my students to master the guitar. Call it a shortcut.

The free guide includes:

-Instructions on how to instantly figure out the strumming pattern for any song that you want to play.

-4 Simple left-hand tricks to properly play bar chords (Bm, F, G#, Cmaj7) even if you are a complete beginner in playing the guitar.

-1 effective exercise for you to be able to sing and play the guitar at the same time. This exercise is only 3 minute long and you’ll notice a big difference on your first time doing it. (It’s what professional voice & guitar coach teach their students. I’ve provided the exercise for free).

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“The guide encouraged me to pick up my guitar again. Thank you so much”
Andrew Taylor of Denver, USA

“After I applied everything from your guide, I finally had the courage to play in front of an audience.”FretBoardHero772 of London, UK

“Simple and up to the point. One of the best guitar secrets that I’ve come across. I can’t believe that you’re willing to teach this stuff for free.”Owen Wells of Arizona, USA

The free guide also contain a diagram of over 400+ guitar chords with instructions on how to play it properly (can be saved into your phone for offline viewing). I repeat, over 400+ different chords for you to learn! Click here to download now.

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