Artist Placholder

Dog Years

Capo: 3rd Fret
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G....Am.....C.Verse 1Back into toGwn for a Amminute to pCick up prescriptions
The dGoctor refilDled yesterdCay
To cGall it afflAmiction's a cCareless description
Of the teGrrible iDtch in my brCain
The phaGrmacy opAmens at sCix in the morning
I don't sGtart my dDay until tCwo
I'll be thGere after sAmunset when eCveryone's just left
And Amhope I don't run into yCou
Pre-ChorusI dGo..Am....C.
Oh I dGo..Am....C.ChorusAnd since the miGnute I Amgot here been aCging in dog years
I'm wGatching time spDeed to hCelp
God, you lGook like a stAmranger
I kCnew you in summer
Guess tAmhat's just the winter's fCault
Verse 2Haven't sGeen you aroAmund since your faCther skipped town
Had to heGar it from oDne of your frCiends
Think the lGast time I Amsaw him, he kCissed both our foreheads
AndEm I fell asleDep in your hA7eadInterludeAm....G...D...Em....Am.....
G...C...Am....G...D...Em....A7....C..Verse 3Five years I trGied to be sAmoundless to keep yCou around
But I aGlways had tDoo much to sCay
Now I fGeel like a fAmailure for stCanding in line here
And dAmaring to take up your spCace

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