ed sheeran easy guitar chords tabs acoustic version

Visiting Hours

Capo: 1st fret

Emotional but not cheesy. Simple, and yet, a masterpiece. Another amazing song by Ed Sheeran.

The chords used for this song sounds so good on the acoustic guitar. I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible. It’s super easy to play.

Enjoy! 🙂

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IntroG.......Em.......C......D.Verse 1I wish that heGaven....had visiting hoEmurs
So I could just shCow up and Cbring Gthe Dnews
That she's getting Golder and I wish that you'd mEmet her
The things that she'll lCearn from me, I got them Call Gfrom Dyou
RefrainCan CI just stay a while and we'll put Gall the world to Drights?
The lCittle ones will grow and I'll still dGrink your favourite wDine
And sEmoon they're going to cBlose but I'll see yGou another dA7ay
So much hasG changed
Since you Dbeen.......awGay....C....G.Verse 2I wish that heGaven....had visiting hoEmurs
So I could just swCing by
and ask Cyour Gad--Dvice
What would you Gdo in my situation?
I haven't a clEmue how I'd even raise them
What would you Cdo?
'Cause you always Cdo Gwhat's Dright
RefrainCan Cwe just talk a while until my wGorries disapDpear?
I'd Ctell you that I'm scared of turning oGut a failDure
You'd say reEmmember that the Banswer in the Glove that we creA7ate
So much hasG changed
Since you Dbeen.......awGay....C....G.InstrumentalG.......Em.......C......C....G....D.
G.......Em.......C......C....G....D.Verse 3I wish that heGaven....had visiting hoEmurs
And I would aCsk them if I could Ctake Gyou Dhome
But I know what they'd sGay,
that it's for the Embest
So I will live lCife the way you taught me
And make it Con Gmy DownRefrainAnd CI will close the door but I will Gopen up my hDeart
And Ceveryone I love will know exGactly who you aDre
'Cause Emthis is not goodBbye, it is just tGill we meet agA7ain
So much hasG changed
Since you Dbeen.......awGay...

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2 thoughts on “ Visiting Hours”

    • Hi, Christie!

      You could try a soft strum and do it like:

      Down – Down – Up – Up Down Up Down

      As for the chords that have an asterisk (C* G* D*) that means, single strum.

      For the strumming pattern, the only important part is the Down – Down – Up – the strum after that, you could taylor to your own playing style, as for me, I do the Up Down Up Down before repeating the pattern again but you could switch it up 😉

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