Artist Placholder

Placebo Effect

Capo: 2nd Fret
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IntroDM7..Days go GM7by
So rDM7apidly
Oh, won't you cGM7omfort me
I kEm7now what we F#7had
It was make beDM7lieve, oh
A plB7acebo
I cDM7an’t take a lGM7oss like that aDM7gain
I'd rather fGM7loat off in the wEm7ind
But maybe this is F#7how it's supposed to DM7be
I guess we’ll B7seeVerseOn the oDM7ther side
Where the gGM7rass seems to be greener
On the oDM7ther side
Where my GM7rib cage could be cleaner
On the Em7other side
Where the F#7light will not go out
Oh on the DM7other side
B7Other side
RefrainDM7..Take my GM7time
Please stop rDM7ushing me
For cGM7ompany
I Em7can't figure it F#7out
I need you DM7here but you're not nB7earPost-ChorusDM7I can't
GM7I can't
DM7I can't
GM7I can't
ReEm7member what was a dF#7ream
Or a meDM7mory
Love isn't rB7eal
Not to DM7me...GM7...
Not to DM7me...GM7...
OutroEm7Oh, oh, oh F#7oh
It was make belDM7ieve
Oh, a plaB7cebo

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