Earn Money by Submitting Guitar Chords

ChordsWorld Contributor Program


Turn Your Hobby Into Cash

Get rewarded for submitting guitar tutorials (chords + lyrics). Earn money by teaching your fellow musicians how to play the chords of their favorite songs.

No Sign-up Fee

The ChordsWorld Contributor program will always be free for Filipinos. No sign-up fee and no maintenance fee.

Exclusive for Filipinos

A unique income opportunity made by Filipinos for the Filipinos.

Weekly Payout

We send out payments to our members every Tuesday.

Low Minimum Payout

With just 650php earnings in your account, you are already eligible to request and receive a payout.

Multiple Payout Options

Choose from: MLhuillier, Paymaya, Coins.ph.

Social Distancing Approved

Submit chords and earn money from the safety of your own home. All you need is a guitar (and a good ear).

Open For All Ages

The ChordsWorld Contributor Program focuses on younger Filipino musicians who want to have an extra income.

Multiple Income Opportunities

Your submission earns per view, referral view, Facebook shares, and much more! Keep reading to learn more about our program.

One Submission

Multiple Income

Pay Per Approved Post

Once your post passes our manual review, you instantly earn money.

Pay Per View

Get paid for every unique pageview that your post gets. (Highest Earning Opportunity)

Pay Per Referral View

Share the links of your posts to your friends/fans and earn money from each visit that you get through that special link. (VIP Member Feature)

Pay Per Word

Some songs are not beginner-friendly. Which is why you can optionally share tips and advice. Get paid for every word that you write (payable up to 100 words).

Pay Per Share (Coming Soon)

Get paid for each Facebook share, like, and comment that your post gets.

250php Sign-up Gift!

What better way to welcome you into the program than a 250php sign-up bonus? Verify your account with us for free to claim your gift. Keep reading to learn more!

Pay Per View

1 Pageview = 0.015php
100 Pageviews = 1.5php
250 Pageviews = 3.75php
500 Pageviews = 7.5php
1,000 Pageviews = 15php
5,000 Pageviews = 75php
10,000 Pageviews = 150php
100,000 Pageviews = 1,500php
500,000 Pageviews = 7,500php
1,000,000 Pageviews = 15,000php
10,000,000 Pageviews = 150,000php

A Pageview happens when someone visits your post.

Pageview stats for your posts can be seen inside your own Contributor account.

The more posts that you have, the quicker your total Pageviews start to add up.

Here is a scenario where you have…

50 (posts)
100 (Pageviews per post per day)

50 x 100 = 5,000

5,000 x 0.015

every 1 day = 75php

every 7 days = 525php

every 30 days = 2,250php

every 12 months = 27,000php

After a while, you managed to submit a total of 200 posts and each of these posts now receives 150 Pageviews per day…

200 (posts)
150 (Pageviews per post per day)

200 x 150 = 30,000

30,000 x 0.015

every 1 day = 450php

every 7 days = 3,150php

every 30 days = 13,500php

every 12 months = 162,000php

13,500 pesos is the monthly salary of some Filipinos. You have the opportunity to earn that money just by playing guitar.

Being realistic… Not all of the songs that you post is going to be a viral hit. Some posts will get a couple of thousand views per day, some will get hundreds of views per day, and some will get around 10 to 50 views per day.

Since we’re being realistic… let’s check out some real-life examples. The screenshots below are taken from another popular guitar site.

Release date: 2017
No surprise here. “Perfect” was one of the biggest songs of the decade.

Release date: 2013
Again, this won’t come as a surprise since “All Of Me” is so popular that it’s in the playlist of most wedding ceremonies. It has transcended it’s own popularity and has become a classic.

Release date: October 31, 2019
This one is interesting since “Don’t Start Now” is not even a mellow song like “Perfect” or “All Of Me”, but still, people are checking out the chords of this song. More than 360,000 Pageviews since last 2019.

Release date: November, 2019
The numbers for “Masyado Pang Maaga” speaks for itself. Goes to show that even OPM songs can get a ton of Pageviews.

Release date: June, 2019
Another OPM chart-topper.

Release date: May, 2020
Even trending memes get a lot of Pageviews. It just have to be catchy enough.

Imagine, if you were to get paid even for just 10% (2,400,000 Pageviews) of the total 24,000,000 Pageviews that the song “Perfect” has accumulated throughout the years. That’s 36,000php coming from a single song. But sadly, that’s just what it is.. an imagination. Because in reality, none of the other sites have a payment program for their members. Well, they pay you with “Reputation Points” or “Likes” or whatever.. But last time we checked, Mang Inasal and Starbucks didn’t accept “Likes” as a form of payment.

ChordsWorld is changing the game. We have a truly unique program that rewards you for your skill, effort, time, and passion.

Pay Per Approved Post

A straightforward earning opportunity. If the PPV is geared towards the bigger long-term income, the PPAP is one that is aimed to reward you as soon as your post gets approved.

Once your post gets approved, you are instantly credited 5php into your account.

You will be able to see all the relevant info privately inside your Contributor account.

For each and every post that you submit, the ChordsWorld Moderators will have to manually check your submission for its accuracy and if it respects our policies. This is mandatory for both Regular Contributors and VIP Contributors.

Pay Per Word

The PPW works in conjuction with PPAP. It is another way for us to further reward our Contributors who take the extra step to provide a more helpful environment for the users.

Get paid an extra 0.02php for every word that you write in the “Instructions” section within your post.

5 words = 0.1php

17 words = 0.34php

50 words = 1php

100 words = 2php

It’s up to you whether you want to write a 10-word instruction or a 75-word instruction.

Although you are able to write for more than 100 words, the payable amount of words for the “Instructions” section are capped at 100 words.

Once your post gets approved, you are instantly credited for the PPW earnings, the same time that you get credited for your PPAP earnings.

A detailed 53-word instruction that gives advice on how to mimic the sound of the original song.

A short 15-word instruction that shines light to an important topic: bar chords. For beginners, bar chords can be the bane of their existence. It’s hard to make it sound right, takes effort to switch in between the other chords and it hurts AF! For most of the beginners, a song with bar chords can be a deal-breaker. But because of a 15-word instruction, you have the chance of disarming their insecurity and actually have them try your guitar tutorial.

Going the extra step to make your post beginner-friendly can sometimes be the difference from a user visiting your post once and a user visiting your post every week. If they keep on coming back to your post, then that means PPV keeps on paying you for those Pageviews. Are you seeing the bigger picture now?

Turn a random user into a fan. Add instructions.

Pay Per Referral View

Just like with PPV, the PPRV is another income opportunity that utilizes Pageviews.

The difference with PPRV is that you earn money by sharing a special referral link that is uniquely tied to your post and to your account.

Each and every time one of your post gets approved, a special referral link for that specific post is generated. You can then share this referral link to your various social media accounts and earn money from Referral Pageviews.

PPRV payment rates are twice more than PPV rates.

1 Referral Pageview = 0.03php
100 Referral Pageview = 3php
250 Referral Pageview = 7.5php
500 Referral Pageview = 15php
1,000 Referral Pageview = 30php
5,000 Referral Pageview = 150php
10,000 Referral Pageview = 300php
100,000 Referral Pageview = 3,000php
Well, you already know how this goes.

A Referral Pageview happens when a visitor arrives to your post by clicking on your referral link.

Right now, the PPRV is only available to VIP Contributors. But we are working hard to make it available to Regular Contributors as well.

Pay Per Share (Coming Soon)

Be rewarded when your post goes viral.

With PPS, you get paid for every Facebook likes, shares and comments that your post gets.

Generally, when a post goes viral, it receives a lot of visitors. Therefore, this works hand-in-hand with PPV.

This feature is not yet available to our Contributors.

We will notify our members when PPS launches. It should automatically work with your existing and future posts without any issues.

250php Sign-up Gift

Join the ChordsWorld Contributor Program today and receive a one-time signup bonus of 250php. The money is instantly credited once you verify your account with us. Sending an application is free. Being part of the ChordsWorld Contributor Program is 100% free.

Initial application:

1.) Fill out the form below with your details.
2.) Wait for our email response. Give us 30 minutes to 4 hours to review your initial application.
3.) While you are waiting for our email response, go to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChordsWorld and send us a message there. Your message should contain your email address so we could verify it with your application. If you have questions about the Contributor Program, this is the perfect time to ask us. We will try to help you with all of your inquiries. Sending us a message on our Facebook page is part of the verification process. This is important because we will communicate with you via Facebook message for future updates and notices. Notifications for your future payments will be sent to you via Facebook message. Also, if you have problems getting started or there is something wrong with your account or your earnings, you can communicate with us by sending a message to our Facebook page.
4.) Once we’ve reviewed your application, you will receive an email from hello@chordsworld.com. Our system will also send an automated SMS to your mobile number. And we will also notify you on Facebook.
5.) We will send an email containing your username and password along with links to our “getting started” guides.
6.) You can now use your Contributor account at ChordsWorld.
7.) When you first login to your account, you will see on your “My Earnings” tab that the 250php sign-up bonus has already been credited to your account.
8.) Start your journey.

Important: Make sure you fill-out the form with real information.

Important: Remember to double-check your info for typos before clicking the submit button. Especially your email address and mobile number.

Important: If you are having problems with the submission form below, you can send as an email at hello@chordsworld.com or send us a message at https://www.facebook.com/ChordsWorld and we’ll get you sorted out right away.

ChordsWorld Contributor Program Application Form