Capo 4th Fret

D xx0232
E/C# x42100
Am7 x02010
G 320003
Gm 355333
Em 022000
B x24442
D#m x68876
E 022100
F# 244322

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[Verse 1]
D                  E/C#
Okay, I'm finished now
        Am7              G
And I kept my faith for long enough
       Gm                      D
And I hope I'm old and fairly sober
            Em     G 
If I'm let down.....

D                   E/C#
Maybe you keep me around
          Am7          G
For the constant affirmations
Gm                           D
While I scrounge for understanding
          Em   G
And fall out....

I'll let you win and I'll let you tie
     D             A
The ribbon to my hair
G                                       D              A
Just so that we could come back to this if we really cared
The morning gates stay open
        D                          A
If you had a thought that I'd be there
(Oh, I'd be there)

D  E/C#  Am7  G  Gm  D  Em  G

[Verse 2]
D                    E/C#
Know we could use a break
           Am7            G
Because I can't feel my feet
Gm                      D 
 I carried you all the way upstairs
   Em                      G    F# 
So you can sleep and I can think

B       D#m 
Stand guard
When I am near
 B       D#m     E 
Clinging on to everything you fear
B            D#7
Keeping me close
While you hold me out and say
I don't love you that way

[Verse 3]
B         D#m  E 
Harbor myself away from everyone else
B                   D#m
I'm half awake and intimate
Eyes closed and I'll commit
     B                  D#7
What I wish I had with you
I'll pretend until it's true
I don't love you that way

B            D#m             E 
Swallow the pill, it's only fair that I hear
B            D#m        E 
Know myself better than I have in years
B            D#m        E 
I don't know why I have to defend what I feel
I try

B           D#m
Stand your guard
When I am near
B          D#m
Loathe me until
You're reminded of the deal
B          D#7
One of us knows
When you hold me out and say
You don't love me that way

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