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IntroAm7. . . .Verse 1I dBm7b5on't know what to sEay
Ain't it ovAm7er? Seems
You Bm7b5work nights and I sleep dEays
They're not sober drAm7eams. .D7 . .
You dBm7b5on't talk like we used to
ETell me what you think about, boo?
ChorusAm7Over me.Bm7b5 . . .
E How you ovAm7er me?Verse 2Bm7b5I know that we cEould leave it Am7all to trust
But Bm7b5I know that I shEould 'cause I lAm7ove you muchD7..
You dBm7b5on't say the things you did baEck when we were kids
ChorusAm7Over me.Bm7b5 . . .
E How you ovAm7er me?BridgeFSo scared to lBm7b5ose you this wEay. Am7. . .
FTell me wBm7b5hat to dAo
Do you wFant us? Do you want me to sEtay?. Am7. . .
FI'm so sad, are yEou?OutroOver me...

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