Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday Chords

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CAPO on 3rd Fret

Am    x02210
C     x32010
G     320033
F     133211

[Verse I]
         Am                 C
We going back to the front, give them what they want
G                 F
Back to the past, retro glass
Am                  C
Back to the leader, back to reviews
Take them back to the future
Take them to the true school
      Am                     C
Cause we was breaking atoms, live at the barbeque
G                   F
Now we reminiscing, pumping Audio Two
Am                   C
Listening to niggas, niggas with them attitudes
G                         F
Apl with some Black Sheep screaming
                  Am                       C
"You can get with this or you can get with that"
        G                        F
Smoke emcees, or you could smoke crack
             Am                    C
You can sell dope, or you can sell raps
            G                            F
I sell dope raps cause that's where it's at
                    Am                C             G
Now I'm back on the scene, crispy and clean hip hop fiend
           F             Am                  C
Source Magazine, World Famous is the Supreme Team
   G           F              Am                 C
SP-1200 drum machine, hail to Latifah she be the queen
  G                F              Am
DMC and Run be the kings, king of rock
My nigga Ice-T killed a cop
       G                        F
And we be to rap what key be to lock

Am                  C
I'm cool like that, I'm cool like that
  G                           F
I move like that because I'm smooth like that
  Am                        C
I rap like that because I'm phat like that
  G                        F
I rock like that because I got it like that
    Am                  C
And I'm ill like that, skilled like that
G                      F
Phil-i-ppines, cause I feel like that
    Am                       C
I'm real like that, yes, I'm chill like that
   G             F
We gots the chill

[Verse II]
      Am                   C
I got pounds and pounds of peas you know
G                           F
I'm not Large Professor but I'm an extra pro
Am               C
Punks jump up to punk rock'n'roll
    G                 F
The Master P-nut is a pistachio

The Peas peak past the pinnacle plateau

Posses a fresh Porsche, I don't push Peugeot

Packing out paper in a pass I was pulled

Get paid to rock mics and used to call the show

Here we go, yo, here we go, yo

Check the flow yo, cause this retro

It's my classic mani-fucking-festo

Lyrically I'm magic, fucking presto

Insuring Hip-Hop like gecko

Making sure it won't stop, baby, heck no

That's a what, that's a what, the scenario

Reminiscing while I listen to the stereo

I reminisce, I reminisce

I reminisce, I reminisce
When it's sounding like this

Am  C                G         F
  I wanna go back to yesterday
I wanna go back to yesterday
  C                G        F
I wanna go back to yesterday

Cause oh baby, I like it raw

Yeah baby, I like it raw

Oh baby I like it raw

Yeah baby, I like it raw

[Verse III]
Am                            C
Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yey
G                               F
Comment allez-vous, parlez vous francais?
Am                   C
Adios motherfuckers, bon voyage
G                            F
Home of the liquid flows and Liquid Swords

Black eyed killer peas on the swarm

Coming to your college and disco dorm

Y'all can't touch my skills

I can switch it up Das Efx and get iggity-iggity-ill

Yiggity-yes rapper, my style is unique

Iggity ice on my teeth, so it's cold when I speak

Word to mom, I'm in my own world

Galaxy Rays, powerful

Am  C                G         F
  I wanna go back to yesterday
I wanna go back to yesterday
  C                G        F
I wanna go back to yesterday

[Verse IV]
                          Am        C
So I can hit you with the bass, how low can you go?
G                    F
I get lower than the midget doing limbo

I got shit that you haven't heard a while ago

'88-'92 the style'll go, way back, rocking on the A-track

Memorex, TDK, all of that, throw back before 

Willy is his name and the boy's coming, Straight Out of L.A
A crazy motherfucker named Willy
I'm so cold my flow stay chilly
I got a laser aimed at them haters
And I'm cutting motherfuckers with my razor
You too boy, if you fuck with me
I'mma dice you up, slice you up quickly
I signed ta' Ruthless when Dre dropped Dre Day
That's why I do this, to bring you back to yesterday
(Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday) Tiger style
There's no place to hide as I step inside the room
Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom, bam, I slam
Aw, man, you fucking with
Cause I'm torching and scorching, my style is awesome
Cracking motherfuckers' skulls like it's porcelain
Ay yo, let's save hip hop from Dr. Kevorkian
Bring it right here, right back to its origin
Ay yo, I'mma hop in my motherfucking DeLorean
So I can go back and fucking perform again
Ay yo, I [?] some wind mills and some fucking linoleum
MC mic controlling them, I was like
I was steady policing them
Killing emcees, I was straight deceasing them
Compute-deleting them 'til them niggas don't exist
Because Black Eyes Peas is hard as hell
Battle anybody, I don't care if you tell
I excel, they all fail, I told them motherfuckers I'mma take them

Keep Rocking!