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Wide Eyed Wandering Child

Capo: 1st fret
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G.....Bm......A..Verse 1You're living like a Ghurricane toBmday..A.
Sleeping on the Gsand by the Bmbay..A.
A little bit of G******* and you're Bmokay.A..
Wide eyed Gwandering cBmhild.A..
Is there nothing we can Gtell to the boBmy.....A.....D..
Who's playing with the Gworld like a tBmoy?...A.....D..
Yeah, I know about a Gquick ride on a sBmummer nighAt....D..
Wide eyed Gwandering chiBmld....A.....D..
Yeah, I Gknow the Bmway that you Adream
We're both Ddying tBmo be Aseen.D..
Verse 2Reality Gstar boy for reBmal....D..
Reality Gkicking in when you sDee
How you just lost the Bmground from your feet
And your Dlover at the beach
Wide eyed Gwandering child...D..
Yeah, I Bmknow the way that you Adream
We're both Bmdying to be Aseen.Em...
I'd love to Bmtell you Dwe're just the Gsame in a way
A Amillion mistakes
Brother, I sBmee through Dall of the Gjokes that you make
To deAny how you ache.D..
You're living like a Ghurricane toBmday...A..
Sleeping on the Gsand by the bBmay....A..
A little bit of Gcocaine and you're Bmokay..A..
Wide eyed Gwandering chilBmd

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