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Faithless Ghost

Capo: none
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Dm......G.....C.Verse 1Am..I seen your fFace befCore
When I was wGaxin' the kAmitchen flFoor
Dm..Your features cEarved in the faux mAmarble linoleum
E..Cicadas dronin' in the midsummer's lonely
Ah, ba ba ba Amba
Chorus... twenty yFears befCore
I heard the slGammin' of the Amback screen dFoor
I thDmought I was accEustomed to Ambig surprises
And Dmtell 'em that's your fEaithless gAmhostVerse 2She tGakes a silver comb from Cher
Throws Eover her shoulders Ambare
FlAoatin' from room to Dmroom
And GI was to be her grCoom
Oh, it ain't fEair
Pre-ChorusAm..Oh, my sweet FentitCy
Why don't you cGome to vAmisit meF?
Dm...InstEead, you Amtaunt me
E..Listen, I want you to haunt me (Ba-ba-ba-Amba)Chorus... FhistorCy
Who gets to Guse the aAmpostrophFe?
DmBack door, kEitchen floor Amvaporizes
DmYeah, she's a Efaithless Amghost
DmLord, she's my Efaithless gAmhostPost-ChorusNa na na Fna na Cna
Am...Na na na na na na Fna na Cna
Dm...Na na na na na na Ena na Amna
Dm...Na na na na na na Gna na CnaBridgeShe tGakes a silver comb from hCer
Throws Eover her shoulders Ambare
She's flAoatin' from room to rDmoom
And GI was to be her gCroom
Oh, it ain't fEairChorusAm... don't mean a thFing to Cme
Only thing lGeft within a AmsanctiFty
DmBack door, Ekitchen floor vAmaporizes
I thDmought I was acEcustomed to Ambig surprises
DmBack door, kEitchen floor vAmaporizes
DmYeah, she's a faEithless gAmhost
MDmm, she's my fEaithless gAmhost
YeDmah, she is my fEaithless.Am.OutroI seen your fFace befCore

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