TWICE: MORE & MORE Album Review

More & More is the definition of modern KPOP

Although the world is facing a pandemic, this was not enough to stop the comeback of the Korean girl group TWICE in the music scene. As the year enters June, the K-Pop group once again proved their dominance, not only in the world of music, but also in social media.

Fresh hits, fresh image

The girl group of nine showed their fans that aside from their previous songs which are known to be colorful and bubbly, they can also do a more mature and a bit darker anthem. The music video of the first single with the same title depicts a major turn around of the group’s image.

From almost a minute of colorful and light vibe in the video, suddenly, the girls and the concept of the video has turned darker, depicting the Garden of Eden with some bold and fierce elements making the whole scenario a realistic and artistic one.

More of the message

TWICE’s album definitely adheres to its title as it gives more meaningful messages to fans. The whole album is all about falling in love with the right person as you get to know more about him or her. The group used the concept inside a jungle to show a clean and pure kind of love that we all need today.

Not as catchy as the previous songs

Of course, if there are things to applaud to, there are also some issues that make fans a bit disappointed. Although the hit single is upbeat and danceable, some say that More & More is not as catchy as the old songs of TWICE, such as Fancy, Feel Special, YES or YES, and TT.

However, even some fans are looking for more, they cannot complain about the tight and clean choreography of the song. They still laud the group’s exceptional dance prowess showed in their music video.

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