adele guitar chords tabs

Strangers By Nature

Capo None

F 133211
Gm 355333
Am x02210
BbM7 x13231
D7 xx0212
C x32010
Dm xx0231
C7 032310
Fdim 1x31xx
Gdim 3x53xx

just listen to the song .. kinda tricky sounding song because it was originally from a piano piece.

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[Verse 1]
F              Am             BbM7           D7
I'll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart
Gm            C              Am                 D D7
For all of my lovers, in the present and in the dark
Gm     Bbm             C                Dm
Every anniversary I'll pay respects and say I'm sorry
Gm              C      Am             D
For they never stood, chances if they could
    Gm                C                F
But no one knows what it's like to be us

[Verse 2] 
F          Am       BbM7            D7
I've never seen the sky this color before
Gm               C           Am             D7
It's like I'm noticin' everythin' a little bit more
Gm               Bbm
Now that all the dust has settled
Am          D7
I rebut all my rebuttals
Gm                 C7             F
No one knows what it's like to be us

Fdim         Gdim    Am  Gm  C
Strangers by nature. . . . . .
Fdim         Gdim     Am   Gm
Strangers by nature. . . . . .

Will I ever get there?
Oh, I hope that someday I’ll learn
   Gm          C C7    F
To nurture what I've done

         Gm   C   
Uh, huh, hm
Am           D D7 
Uh, huh, hm, hm, hm
Gm  Bbm     Am 
Uh, huh, hm, hm, hm
D   Gm   C  Am
Hm, hm, hm, hm
Alright then, I'm ready

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