adele guitar chords tabs

Strangers By Nature

Capo None

F 133211
Gm 355333
Am x02210
BbM7 x13231
D7 xx0212
C x32010
Dm xx0231
C7 032310
Fdim 1x31xx
Gdim 3x53xx

just listen to the song .. kinda tricky sounding song because it was originally from a piano piece.

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F. . . .
Verse 1
FI'll be taking Amflowers to the BbM7cemetery of my D7heart
GmFor all of my Clovers, in the Ampresent and in the DdaD7rk
GmEvery aBbmnniversary I'll Cpay respects and Dmsay I'm sorry
GmFor they never sCtood, cAmhances if they Dcould
But Gmno one knows what Cit's like to be uFs
Verse 2
FI've never Amseen the BbM7sky this color bD7efore
GmIt's like I'm notCicin' everytAmhin' a little bD7it more
GmNow that all the Bbmdust has settled
AmI rebut all D7my rebuttals
GmNo one knows what iC7t's like to be Fus
FdimStrangers by Gdimnature. Am. . .Gm . . C. .
FdimStrangers by Gdimnature. .Am . . Gm. .
Will I ever gFet there?
Oh, I hope that D7someday I’ll learn
To Gmnurture what.C..IC7've doFne
Uh, huh, Gmhm...C.
AmUh, huh, hm, Dhm,D7 hm
GmUh, Bbmhuh, hm,Am hm, hm
DHm, Gmhm, hCm, Amhm
AFlright then, I'm ready

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