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My Little Love

Capo: 1st fret
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IntroEm. . .C . .Am . . D. .Verse 1My little lEmove
I see your eyes widen like an oCcean
When you look atAm me so fDull of my emEmotions
I'm findin' it hard to be here since Che did
I know you feel lAmost, it's Dmy fault complEmetely
BridgeEm..Tell me you love me
C..I love you a mAmillion by factVerse 2DI don't recognEmize myself in the coldness of the dCay light
So I ain't surpAmrised you can rDead through all of Emmy lies
I feel so bad to be here when I'm Cso guilty
I'm so far gAmone and you're the oDnly one who can sEmave me
BridgeEm..Oi, I feel like you don't love me
Why do you feel like that?
Do you like-like Cme?
You know mommy doesn't like Amanyone else like I like you, rDight?ChorusI'm hEmoldin' on (BDm7aby)
Mama's got a lCot to learn (It's hFeavy)
I'm hEmoldin' on (CDm7atch me)
Mama's got a lCot to learn (TFeach me)BridgeMummy’s been having a lot of big feelings recently
LEmike how?
Just like, mummy, I'm, I'm, the feeling that I have, like, hCm, I feel a bit confuAmsed
I don't know.D..
And I fEmeel like I don't really know what I'm doing
Oh, at aCll?
At all
And tAmhat would make me go..D.Verse 3My little lEmove
Tell me, do you feel the way my pCast aches?
When you lay on Amme, can you hDear the way my hEmeart breaks?
I wanted you to have everything I nCever had
I'm so soAmrry if what I've dDone makes you fEmeel sadBridgeEm..I love your dad 'cause he gave you to me.C..
You're half me and you're half dAmaddy
OhD...ChorusI'm hEmoldin' on (BDm7aby)
Mama's got a lCot to learn (It's hFeavy)
I'm hEmoldin' on (CDm7atch me)
Mama's got a lCot to learn (TFeach me)OutroEm. . .C . .Am . . D. .
I'm hEmaving a bad day, I'm having a very anxious day.C..
I feel very paranAmoid, DI feel very stresEmsed
Um, I have a hangovCer, which never helps, Ambut..D.
Em..I feel like today is the first day..C..sAmince I lDeft that I feel loEmnely
And I never feel lonely, I love being on my oCwn..Am....
I always preferred being on my own than bDeing with pEmeople
And I feel like maybe I've been, like, overcompensatCing
Being Amout..D..and stEmuff like that to keep my mind off of him
And I feel like today I'm hCome, and I wanna be at home
I just wanna watch TV and Amcurl up in a ball aDnd..Em....
Be in my sweats and stuff like that, I just feel really lonely
C..I feel a bit frightened that I might feel like this at Amall..D.
Em. . .C . .Am . . D. .

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