Adele – Make You Feel My Love Chords

  • Artist: Adele
  • Song: Make You Feel My Love
  • Album: 19
  • Release Date: 2008-01-28
  • Genre: british soul, pop, pop soul, uk pop
  • Key: A#/Bb Major
  • Tempo: 65
  • Time Signature: 3/4
  • Mode: Major Scale
  • Recommended Tuning: EADGBe (Guitar)
  • Recommended Tuning: GCEA (Ukulele)

When did Adele release Make You Feel My Love?

Make You Feel My Love was released on 2008-01-28

Capo: 3rd Fret

Strumming Pattern: D = Down, U = Up, - = pause
Strumming Pattern #1 - D D U D U D
Strumming Pattern #2 - D D D D D D D
Strumming Pattern #3 - D U D D - D U

IntroG....D....Fmaj7........C....Cm.....G....A7...D7...G.Verse IG When the rain is blowing Din your face
Fmaj7 And the whole world is Con your case
Cm I could offer you a Gwarm embrace
A7sus2 To make you D7feel my lGove

Verse IIG When evening shadows and the sDtars appear
Fmaj7 And there is no one there to dCry your tears
Cm I could hold you for a mGillion years
A7sus2 To make you D7feel my lGoveRefrainCsus2 I know you haven't made your Gmind up yet
B7 But I would Cnever do you wGrong
Csus2 I've known it from the moment Gthat we met
A7No doubt in my mind where you beD7long
Verse IIIG I'd go hungry, I'd go Dblack and blue
Fmaj7 I'd go crawling down the Cavenue
Cm No, there's nothing that I Gwouldn't do
A7 To make you D7feel my lGoveInstrumentalG....D....FMaj7........C....Cm.....G....A7...D7...G.RefrainCsus2 The storms are raging on the Grollin' sea
B7 And on the hCighway of regGret
Csus2 The winds of change are blowing Gwild and free
A7You ain't seen nothing like me D7yetVerse IVG I could make you happy, make your Ddreams come true
Fmaj7 Nothing that I woulCdn't do
Cm Go to the ends of the Gearth for you
A7 To make you D7feel my lGove
A7 To make you D7feel my lGove

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