adele guitar chords tabs

All Night Parking

Capo 1st fret

G 320033
Em 022000
E7 020100
Am x02210
D xx0232

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G  Em  Am  D 
. . . . . . .
G  Em  Am  D 
. . . . . . .
G  Em  Am  D 
. . . . . . .

G    Em               Am          D
..I know you've got things to do (I do too)
G         Em                   Am              D 
..I just want to spend all my time with you (Feels so good)
I'm so hard to impress
            E7                   Am   D
Don't leave me on this stretch alone. .
When I'm out at a party
E7                       Am   D  
I'm just excited to get home. .
                 G   Em
And dream about you. .
           Am   D
All night long. .

G            Em             Am           D           
I don't know how you got through to me (I'm so cold)
G      Em                 Am     D
..It's all happening so easily (Like oh my God)
It's so hard to digest
        E7        Am  D
Usually I'm best alone..
But every time that you text
          Em                Am        D 
I want to get on the next flight home...
                   G   Em
And dream next to you....
           Am   D
All night long...

G              Em         Am           D    
Maybe it's the way you remind me of (Where I come from)
G    Em                    Am         D       
..Or how you make me feel beautiful (And then some)
The sight of you is dramatic
      E7                   Am   D
One glimpse and I panic inside...
I get lost in our hours
       E7                          Am   D     
'Cause you possess powers I can't fight...
                          G  Em
That's why I dream about you....
           Am  D
All night long..

G      Em    Am  D
..All night long...
All night

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