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All Night Parking

Capo: 1st fret
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IntroG. . Em. . .Am . . D.
G. . Em. . .Am . . D.
G. . Em. . .Am . . D.VerseG..I kEmnow you've got thAmings to do (DI do too)
G..I just wEmant to spend all my tAmime with you (FeDels so good)
I'm so hGard to impress
Don't leave E7me on this stretch alAmone. D.
When I'm oGut at a party
E7I'm just excited to get hAmome. D.
And dream about yGou. Em.
All night lAmong. D.
VerseGI don't know Emhow you got thrAmough to me (ID'm so cold)
G..It's Emall happening so eaAmsily (LDike oh my God)
It's so Ghard to digest
Usually E7I'm best aAmlone.D.
But every tGime that you text
I want to Emget on the next flAmight home.D..
And dream next to yGou..Em..
All night lAmong..D.VerseGMaybe it's the Emway you remAmind me of (WhDere I come from)
G..Or Emhow you make me feel bAmeautiful (ADnd then some)
The sight of yGou is dramatic
One glE7impse and I panic insAmide..D.
I get lGost in our hours
'Cause E7you possess powers I can't fAmight.D..
That's why I dream about yGou..Em..
All night lAmong..D
OutroG..All nEmight lAmong..D.
All niGght

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