The Lonely Island – YOLO Chords

No Capo || Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

F    133211
Bb5  x133xx  or  x13331
Dm   xx0231

*You can play the verses in two variations,
 F - Bb5 - Dm - -
 F - Bb5 - Dm - C
 both of these are correct. This applies to the VERSE only.

F     Bb5                Dm
YOLO, you only live once, the battlecry of a generation
F                  Bb5
'cause life is a precious gift,
so don't get too crazy it's not worth the risk

F                               Bb5               Dm
You know that we are still young, so don't be dumb
Don't trust anyone, 'cause you'll only live once.
[Verse I] F Bb5 Uh, you only live once that's the motto, Dm so take a chill pill ease up the throttle. F Bb5 Never go to loud clubs 'cause it's bad for your ears, Dm your friends will all be sorry when they can't hear. F Bb5 And stay the hell away from drvgs 'cause they not legal, Dm then bury all your money in the backyard like a beagle. F Bb5 'cause you should never trust a bank they've been known to fail, Dm and never travel by car or bus, water, by rail. F Bb5 And don't travel by plane and don't travel at all, Dm build a bomb shelter basement with titanium wall. F Bb5 And wear titanium suits in case pianos fall on 'ya, Dm and never go to saunas 'cause they're crawling with piranhas. F Bb5 And never take the stairs 'cause they're often unsafe, Dm you only live once, don't let it go to waste. [Chorus] F Bb5 Dm You know that we are still young, so hold on from the fun Bb5 Cook your meat 'till it's done, 'cause you'll only live once.
[Verse II] F Bb5 Yeah, and here’s another piece of advice: Dm Stay away from kids cause their hair is filled with mad lice. F Bb5 There’s no such thing as too much Purell. Dm This a cautionary tale, word to George Orwell. F Bb5 So don’t 1980 force any plugs into sockets. Dm Always wear a chastity belt and triple lock it. F Bb5 Then hire a taster make him check your food for poison. Dm And if you think your mailman is a spy then destroy him. F Bb5 No blankets or pajamas they can choke you in your sleep. Dm Two words about furniture: killing machines. F Bb5 Board your windows up the sun is bad for your health. Dm And always wear a straight jacket so your safe from yourself. [Verse III] F Uh huh, Take no chances (no chances) Bb5 Stop freelancin’ (right now) Dm Invest in your future, don’t dilute your finances (uh huh) F Bb5 401K, make sure it’s low risk Dm Then get some real estate (how much?) 4.2% F Thirty year mortgage, Bb5 that’s important, that’s a great deal Dm And if you can’t afford it, don’t forge it on your last bill F Bb5 Renting is for suckers right now. A dependable savings, Dm And you’ll retire with money in your account. Beast! F Bb5 YOLO, say no no. Dm F Bb5 Isolate yourself and just roll solo, be care-folo Dm You oughta look out also stands for YOLO. [Chorus] F Bb5 Dm You know that we are still young. Burn the prints off your thumbs Bb5 Then pull out all your teeth, so you can’t bite your tongue. F Only on this earth for a short time, time Bb5 Dm So don’t go outside, cause you don’t want to die, die. Bb5 F Just take our advice and hide and scream YOLO to the sky. You oughta look out.