The 1975 – Medicine Chords


D    xx0232
G    320033
A    x02220

[Intro & Verse Riff]
    D                 G        A
*Use your thumb for the root note of G and A (watch my video to understand) Since this is a variation of a chord, the G is D/G and A is D/A but for simplicity's sake, I used the G and A throughout the song. [Verse I] D G A I find it hard to say bye-bye D G A Even in the state of you and I D How can I refuse? G A Yeah you rid me of the blues D G A Ever since you came into my life [Chorus] D In case you're my medicine G A (Yeah, you're medicine) D And Yeah, you're my medicine G A (you're medicine)
[Verse II] D G A I, I wanna marry you D G A Said I, I adore you D G A And that's all I have to say, bye-bye D G A And you opiate this hazy head of mine [Chorus] D | In case you're my medicine | G A | 2 (Yeah, you're medicine) | T D | i And Yeah, you're my medicine | m G A | e (you're medicine) | s [Outro] D G A (keep on repeating this)