Miley Cyrus – Milky Milky Milk Chords


Bm    x24432
G     320033
D     xx0232
A     x02220
Em    022000

[Verse I]
The purple that is collapsing
G                         D                       Em   A
Head for the hills and prepare your intellect to flow
The game of life is changing
man is about to awake
         D                      Em            A
Electric sun beams dancing in a liquid in my skull
[Chorus] Bm The milky, milky, milk G Your tongue milking me so hard D And from sucking on your nipples Em A Licking milky, milky stars Bm I feel like A slab of butter G That is melting in the sun D The prisoner waits Em A Now that you and me are one
[Verse II] Bm G made of vanilla sundae and the greatest truth of peace D Em A That opening up the platae of the last 2 billion years Bm I ask myself a question G What the fuck is gone D But I knew that I knew it Em A From the milky, milky gods [Chorus] Bm The milky, milky, milk G Your lips get me so wet D Em A While I'm singing all the verses from the planet of the dead