John Michael Williams – I Believe In You Chords

CAPO on 1st Fret || Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

Bb   x13331
Gm   355333
Cm   x35543
F    133211
Dm   xx0231
Bb I believed in you, Bb how I wanted to, Dm Gm Cm F When you lost your wonder, I lost wonder too. Bb I believed in love, Bb what I’m thinking now; Dm Gm Cm F Love is so appealing, Wow! It’s so revealing. Bb I believed in prayer, Bb how else would I be here. Dm Gm Cm F When my heart would fall down, you would guide me there. Bb So I believed in you, Bb you know what I can do. Dm Gm Cm F Put my love on hold again, now I’m so much older than. Dm Gm Cm F Take my soul or go now, put me in the cold; Dm Gm Cm F Knowing I would love you, even when I’m old. Bb Who believes in me, Bb knows what I can be, Bb I believe in you, Bb now I’m wanting to. Credits to: