Hunter Hayes – Still Fallin Chords

CAPO on 2nd Fret

A    x02220    E   022100
Bm   x24432    D   xx0232
C#m  x46654

[Verse I]
You would think for all the days I've known you
that I would have you memorized by now
with every question answered, every single page turned
    A                                E
but you just keep me on the edge somehow
And every day with you is still a mystery
The sweetest stories falling from your lips
and I hold on to every word, like it's the first one that I've heard
         A                             E
It's the only time I've ever felt like this
[Chorus] D A E After all this time you'd think I'd be D A E used to the pull of your gravity Bm C#m After flying so high for so long, who would think D I'm still learnin', E still burnin', A E D A still fallin' A E D A Still fallin'
[Verse II] A I still reach for your hand because I need it Bm Your kiss is still the spark that lights a fire D you're still laughin' with me, and we're still making memories, A E I'm still a fool for you, and there's a million reasons why [Chorus] D A E After every late night street light drive D A E and Every love you miss you kiss good night Bm C#m Girl, your name is still my favorite always will be D and I'm still wantin', E still all in, D A Bm C#m I'm still fallin' D A Still fallin', Bm Still chasin' C#m still nervous, D E still reelin', dreamin' about this D A E After every sunrise holding you, D A E after all the crazy we've been through Bm C#m Every day and every minute girl it's something new, D I'm still learning E Still burnin', F#m still wantin', E still all in, A E D A still fallin' A E D A Still fallin'