Daft Punk – Beyond Chords

CAPO on 4th fret || Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

Em   022000
D    xx0232
C    x32010
Bm   x24432
Am   x02210

*If you are having problems with the B minor chord
 You can just pick the root note which is x(2)4432
 the (2) is the root note. This will make it a "passing note"
Em Dream, *Em *D C *Single strum be---yond dreams *C *Bm Am be---yond life *Am *Bm C D Em you will find your song *Em *D C Be---fore sound, *C *Bm Am to be found *Am *Bm C D Em close your eyes Then rise *Em *D C High--er still, *C *Bm Am end--less thrill *Am *Bm C D Em To the land of love *Em *D C be---yond love *C *Bm Am Come a---live *Am *Bm C D Em And you'll find forever watching you arrive *Em *D C You are the night, you are the ocean *C *Bm Am You are the light behind the cloud *Am *Bm C You are the end and the beginning D A world where time is not allowed Em *Em *D C There's no such thing as competition *C *Bm Am To find a way we lose control *Am *Bm C Remember, love's a holy mission D This is the journey of the soul Em *Em *D C The perfect song is framed with silence *C *Bm Am It speaks of places never seen *Am *Bm C Your home's a promise long forgotten D It is the birthplace of your dreams
Em *Em *D C *C *Bm Am *Am *Bm C D Em Repeat until end Credits to: http://chordsworld.com/